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Cloning Lizard

Scientists have found a previously unknown lizard in Vietnam cuisine, does not mate with a male lizard, but reproduces via cloning.

The lizard is called Leiolepis ngovantrii, according to National Geographic News.


Armadillo Lizard

The Armadillo Lizard (Cordylus cataphractus) is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. It is also known as the Typical Girdled Lizard", Armadillo Girdled Lizard, Golden Armadillo Lizard, and Armadillo Spiny-tailed Lizard. When frightened, the Armadillo Lizard can take it's tail into it's mouth and roll into a ball, to protect itself from danger by exposing only it's thick armor.


Thorny Devil

An amazing Australian reptile, this creature is covered in thorns. Hence its name. Despite its appearance, it is totally harmless. They are found in central and western Australia throughout deserts and light bushland.

The Thorny Devil is on average about 20 cms long, and they feed on a wide variety of ants. They catch them by using their tongue much the same as an ant-eater would do.